Kswiss Testimonial | Entrepreneur Shoes

I Hustle Like My Name Is Gary Vee

After over a year since purchasing the Shock Spring shoe from Kswiss and meeting Gary Vee at a popup on Melrose, CA, I’ve got to learn many different insights about the brand KSwiss and entrepreneurship in general. Similar to an entrepreneur, this shoe has evolved with me during the past work year. At first, I wore these shoes religiously— given the perception of entrepreneurship; however I started wearing other shoes/ brands during a good chunk of the year.

Interestingly enough, these shoes recently erupted from underneath my bed and came back to me. What I realize about entrepreneurship is that we need to be durable, flexible and sturdy just like how these shoes are engineered. I wore these shoes on a trip to NYC last year looking to expand my network with some clients and even stopped by Gary’s office; however security didn’t clear me. (No appointment set up!) These Kswiss Shock Springs shoes are also worn when producing transactions along with wearing them to my University (California State University, Northridge) as a contradiction to some of Gary’s beliefs.

Some key learnings that I’ve realized since putting these shoes back on are:

  1. We need to hustle and show up.

  2. We need to be ALL IN ( personal guarantees if necessary). Top 50 (customers) <

  3. Communication must be transparent.

  4. Happiness is the cure all.

  5. It’s okay to ask for the money up front.

  6. Don’t overthink — Think long term!

  7. Believe in your process.

  8. Intension is important.

  9. Customer satisfaction is vital.

  10. Do the work and don’t complain — its what you signed up for (whatever you’re doing!)

As a final testament, the KSwiss brand will resonate entrepreneurship in my mind for a while regardless if Gary Vee and Kswiss continue to do business (I see the vision). I also do like some of the other strong designs made by KSwiss, Gary Vee and others like SI- 18 International Heritage and the ST529 Dreamer.

Go Jets! ;-)

CEO @hefemedia

-Brandon S. Estrada